Free tools to comprehensively test page speed

Free tools to comprehensively test page speed

Every website in Google considers its page loading time to rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). A well-optimized landing page and a reduced page loading time can drive traffic to the site and make more conversions and visits. Numerous audience visiting to your site can leads to more clicks, sales and subscribers. At Pinnaclespro, we provide a list of free tools used to optimize the website or pages.

A marketer should remember that, where there is a positive, there is a negative. If the page loading time is low there is a chance to lack in driving traffic to site and lack of sales, subscribers and clicks.

The average loading time of a page is approximately 3 seconds. If the page loading time exceeds more than 3 seconds, numerous visitors will struck and leave the page before it loads. And the bounce rate of your page also will increase. This is a bad sign of your site. However, there are many tools for analyzing loading time of a page but it doesn’t provide end-to-end analysis.

Focusing on the Google free tools, I have written this blog to know what are the free tools used to reduce the page loading time and the size of the landing page. By this marketers get a better understanding of real-time performance and optimization opportunities.

Before we dive into deeper we have to know by what issues do our landing page loading time increases.

  • Through hosting issues
  • Through technical issues
  • Increase in the page size (page size should be less than 3 MB)
  • End user network (easy to handle your site through mobile data in mobile phones)
  • Page loading time should be less than 3 Sec

Tools used to analyze page loading time:

There are numerous tools that are used to optimize the page but they don’t provide end-to-end analysis. Some of the tools that provide clear information about the site are given below:

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool that provides information directly from Google by analyzing the web page. This provides information from two areas, one from Time to above-the-fold load and Time to full page load.

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is a tool which is used to test the speed of the site. This tool will provide performance grade, loading time, and size of the page. To get results of your site in this tool you have to enter your site URL and nearest location to your business.

3. Google Mobile Test

The Google Mobile Test tool is used to measure the loading time of a page on mobile handsets. If your site loads quickly on a broadband connection is good, optimize your page perform on 3G data connections also.

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