SEO Risks And How To Avoid Risks

Effective SEO strategies take nearly 6 months to 1 year of span to get positive results of a website. SEO doesn’t make any sense of non-SEO users and SEO can improve company’s online exposure and increase the profit.

Most of the companies rarely choose SEO factors, because the results may be delayed and for faster response and leads generation most of the companies choose paid marketing factors. SEO factors may result in sudden growth of the business and gain more benefits than any other paid marketing modules. But the company has to face risk while doing SEO.

Risks that are taken through Pinnaclesrpo experts to rank your website in SERP:

  1. In some cases, if your website is ranking first in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but none of them are clicking on your website, this may leads to bad results. It may be due to unlatching of keywords, content, description and titles. Pinnaclespro experts by using specialized tactics and strategies drive traffic to your website. Our experts using A/B testing can generate leads and make your site respond faster as expected.
  1. Backlinks also plays a major role in SEO. Sometimes, it is better to give high-quality backlinks to your site. This can increase your sites Domain and Page Authority. Sometimes you may lose few of the web visitors by giving high-quality links to your site. By giving backlinks to your site, you’re showing to Google that you are using the high-authority referencing sites. Keep in mind that if you give low-quality, spammy and malicious backlinks to your site it may leads to Google Penalty and the site may get suspended.
  2. Build user-friendly URL’s to your site. So that Google and even people understand what you are trying to explain. Your webpage should be related to the URL that you are using. If the URL extends Google rules it shows URL as (…….), this will make difficult Google to understand and will effect in gaining traffic and ranking. Use specific keywords in the URL’s.
  3. Some of the owner’s, for whatsoever reason doesn’t renew their domains. If the traffic and backlinks are in bulk to that domain purchase and transfer to your domain. It can drive traffic more than what we expect from that. Buy only if the domain is similar to your business and still receiving ranking and traffic.

Avoid SEO risks such as given below:

  1. Avoid poor door way pages
  2. Avoid bad links
  3. Avoid using exact match keyword anchor text
  4. Avoid deleting pages
  5. Making too many changes in the website

Pinnaclespro Solutions by using great tactics have the ability to rank your site first in the Google SERP.

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