Best practices of Video content

Best practices of Video content:

Every marketer and entrepreneurs should know – by 2019, 85% of the marketing will be done using video content. As per the research, majority of the people are using mobile data for audio and video services (YouTube, Vimeo).

Whereas by 2021, Mobile Data for Audio services is expected to reach more than 60% and it is expected 78% of the people will be using mobile data for video services. In future, there will be a very high consumption of video content.

YouTube is a social networking site with over 1 billion users and nearly 1 billion hours spent to watch videos daily. A demographic stated that 18-34 years old youngsters watch YouTube the most. And also it was stated that YouTube videos reach more people compared to TV or cable network channels.

YouTube Video Content
A demographic stated that 18-34 years old youngsters watch YouTube the most

Making a video and publishing in YouTube doesn’t bring subscribers and viewership. It requires a solid strategy and best practices to reach more people and to grow your business.

YouTube channel best practices through Pinnaclespro:

On YouTube platform, there are numerous users and numerous channels around the world. If your business video is posted in YouTube and you’re lack of getting clicks, views, likes and comments that means your business doesn’t stand out. It requires some hard work and planned strategies to stand out.

Best Video SEO Practices through Pinnaclespro:

• Name Your Channel: Create a channel with your name, channel icon and banner. Then aim to get at least 500 subscribers in order to get a vanity URL. To claim Vanity URL your channel must be 30 days old.

• Use Channel Keywords: Drive traffic to your channel by using relevant keywords in the content. To ensure high rankings in Google, Pinanclespro experts use YouTube optimized keywords.

• Channel Description: Create a short and sweet description to know the audience what this channel is about. And the description itself is the best place to add all your channels focus keywords.

Most of the marketers and entrepreneurs are losing an opportunity to increase ROI by not optimizing the channel with a planned strategy. Proper tagging, branding and linking can be little bit cost, but it can bring great increase in returns.

Pinnaclespro experts are using great strategies in video optimization and helping clients to increase their brand reputation. Pinnaclespro experts with a planned strategy increase subscribers and viewership to the channel.

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